Skydive Spaceland University Clubs

Skydive Spaceland is proud to offer a university/college club program! We offer discounted skydiving rates to members of college clubs that have decided to call Spaceland home. After all, who needs a deal more than a broke college student? 🙂

Coogs Over Houston Skydiving ClubCurrently affiliated club: Coogs over Houston (University of Houston)

Texas A&M Skydiving Club
Texas A&M Skydiving Club
Falling Cougars at the University of Houston (in progress)
What do these clubs get for affiliating with us? Here’s the list:
  • Discounted jump rates (for club members with valid student IDs and club membership cards)
    • First jump (tandem): $40 off retail rate
      $239  (reg. $279), with incentives to the club based on volume.
    • Second jump (tandem): $20 off per person
      $219 any day (reg. $239).
    • Skydiver Training Program (STP, solo) jumps with single instructor: $14 off
      $185 each (reg. $199)
    • Experienced jumper lift tickets (with own gear): $2 off to 13,000 feet
      $28 to 13,000 (reg. $30)
      Gear rental $30+tax
  • High-capacity facility: We can handle up to 100 tandems per day with advance notice, and we have several STP instructors on staff to handle a high volume of training skydives.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: We use Sigma tandem systems and we have several rental rigs (for student/experienced jumpers) in various harness and canopy sizes.
  • Covered spectator area where your group can hang out, grill out, and watch landings
  • Convenient to San Marcos, Austin, and San Antonio (just off the intersection of Highways 110 and 80)
  • Bunkhouse for overnight stays at a rate of $15/night
  • Promotional materials help: Let us know if we can help with flyers and/or advertisements.
  • Promotion of your club on

Are you interested in starting a university skydiving club? Awesome! Please contact us to arrange a visit to check out our facility and get together for a chat. Call our manager Thomas Hughes at 512-488-2214 or email him.

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