Third-Party Skydiving Events at Spaceland

Thank you for your interest in holding a skydiving event at Skydive Spaceland San Marcos! We receive a lot of requests about holding events here, so here’s the scoop on working with us to host a successful event.

No-registration events

If you’re just bringing a group of friends out to jump and no one’s paying a registration fee, then you’ll fit into our normal operations (we normally have at least a Super Otter and Super Caravan on hand). Slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Bring your group and have a great time! We will provide a free organizer slot for groups with at least 20 paying slots. Talk to manifest early on your event day(s) or beforehand to communicate your group’s intentions.

Registration-based events

If you are using our facility and operations to run a for-profit event, and/or you need a guarantee of aircraft priority and administrative support, please put together a proposal with the following information. Note that Spaceland can provide one free organizer or video slot per full aircraft (at least 20 full paying slots). The event organizer must attend a safety briefing with drop zone management and pilots, and you will need to provide your own jump/breakoff diagrams.

  1. Name and description of your event
  2. Your contact information
  3. Requested event dates (please have a few options in mind in case previously planned events conflict)
  4. Expected number of jumpers
  5. Number of jumps expected (per day and total) and what altitude is desired
  6. Registration fee. This should include a nonrefundable administrative/facility support fee to Spaceland of at least $20 per person, payable at least 30 days in advance of your event.
  7. Any additional services you’d like us to handle (meals, T shirts, videographers, etc.) and proposed fee structure to cover them. Please contact Th****@Sk**************.com to request rates for additional services.
  8. Payment plan: How will jumpers pay their registration fee to you and us? We will be happy to take payments up front so jumpers can pay with credit cards, and write you a check after your event. If you are taking all payments, please ensure that we receive your registration fees at least 30 days before the event.
  9. Refund policy in case all jumps are not made (we can handle refunds if we have collected your event fees up front)
  10. If you will have more than 23 jumpers, we will need to have another aircraft on hand to support your group. Please specify if you require a tailgate or side-door aircraft, and expect to pay a nonrefundable fee to bring an extra aircraft here (fee will vary by aircraft and situation). This amount should be built into your registration fee. Please contact Tr***@Sk**************.com to request information on our aircraft’s minimum fees. If jump formation plus videographers exceeds 44 jumpers, please give us as much advance notice as possible. Nine to 12 months is recommended.
  11. Video debriefs: We have limited video debrief equipment that may be available for your event’s use. Please contact Th****@Sk**************.com to discuss this.
  12. Standard jump ticket rates of $30 per slot to 14,000 feet will apply to your group. If you will require multiple aircraft flying in formation or oxygen for higher-altitude jumps, please see the extra fee schedule below.
    • Oxygen: Contact events director Scott Latinis to get the oxygen cost, which will depend on the number of jumps you are planning and to what altitude. Please specify the hose type you will require. 
    • Extra altitude: $1 per person, per 1000 feet above 14,000 feet
    • Formation flights: $2 per person, per jump

Note: Prices are subject to change based on fuel costs.

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