Skydiver Training Program Class

As low as: $75.00

Courses are offered every Friday afternoon at 2 pm ($75), and Sundays-Thursdays by appointment ($125).


Get your skydiving career started right with this intensive ground school! This course is usually taken after your first two tandem skydives and right before your first Skydiver Training Program jump with your own skydiving rig on your back!

Class usually takes 4-6 hours depending on the number of students and questions in the class. You’ll work through classroom instruction with your instructor and also start practicing skills with activities.

Prepare to spend all day at the drop zone so you can jump right after the class (weather permitting!).

Tips for Success:

  • Dress appropriately to skydive (athletic clothing, lace up shoes such as tennis shoes (no sandals or hiking boots with speed lace hooks)
  • Bring your valid government-issued ID
  • Bring snacks/drinks.
  • Bring your appetite for learning!

If you want to take the class on a different day/time than what is available here, we will do our best to work that out! Give us a call at 512-488-2214 or email us at

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