High-Altitude Jumps


Only 3 left in stock


April 18, 2021

The minimum requirement for high-altitude jumps (according to the SIM) is a B license and 100 jumps

Need a bit more freefall to feed your adrenaline obsession?  How ’bout almost 2 minutes of it! Get your slot now for a high-altitude jump!

► Exit altitude from around MSL 18,500 feet!

► Oxygen and briefing included.

► Rental gear is allowed.

► Dress warm, it’s gonna be a bit chilly up there!

►►►►►►► Mandatory briefing on Sunday, Apr 18  – time to-be-announced

  • 18 slots available
  • MANDATORY briefing for all jumpers when manifest opens
  • Minimum 16 people to send the load

Pre-pay now to secure your slot 

Jump Package Holders! Please use the coupon code JUMPPKG to get your $20 rate for these jumps!

Load “No Go” due to weather or not meeting load minimum

If you purchased a high-altitude jump but you got weathered out, your payment will be put on your DZ account


Please note that cancellations less than 24 hours out will forfeit your purchase unless we can fill the slot.