Come and Take It Boogie Helicopter jumps!


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Helicopter jumps at Spaceland San Marcos June 29th and 30th!    (That’s Saturday and Sunday for the calendar-challenged)

Yep, that’s during the ‘Come and Take It’ boogie.  What could be better?!?!

We’re flying a Robinson R44 helicopter. Grab a couple of friends and enjoy the thrill of a great helicopter ride and a zero airspeed exit!

Here’s the “there must be a  catch” – the helicopter carries 3 jumpers and will only fly when there are 3 jumpers manifested.  Sorry, no light loads.  Good news – there should be NO PROB getting 2 jumpers to join you for a choppah hop!

Exit altitude is about 5K.

Limited tickets are available so buy your tickets now!

When you get to the DZ, check-in at manifest to get on a load.

Questions? Contact Skydive Spaceland San Marcos  manifest at 512.488.2214.

Helicopter jumpers must be at least B-license qualified (license in hand or application completed and sent in).

PS: Don’t forget your camera if you have at least 200 jumps! 🙂