2019 San Marcos Halloween Boogie


Oct 24-27, 2019

Register BEFORE MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 8TH to save  $20  off the registration costs —AND— be guaranteed to get an event tshirt IN YOUR SIZE! 

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It’s back!! The legendary epic San Marcos Halloween Boogie!   TWO Otters and a Super Caravan to keep your happy butt in the air!!!

We’re filling in our list of organizers. Here’s what we have so far….

Freefly – Carly Barto, Stephen Downey, David Lange, Konstatin Petrijcuk

Belly – David Bowen, Doug Feick, Louis French, Scott Latinis

Wingsuit – Anthony Kimball

Zoo dives, contests, shenanigans – Brian Casserly (AKA Pussfoot)

Saturday night entertainment – Derek Lewis –

Saturday night – COSTUME CONTEST!!!

It’s easy to play!
1) dress up
2) show up
3) impress the judges….you can win free jumps!

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